The following are other workshops I've created. In addition to Queeribbean, I can facilitate any of these workshops as well. If you are interested in bringing any of these to your campus, please reach out to me

Authentic and Resilient Leaders: Supporting Queer & Trans Black Men in Leadership

This workshop features a qualitative study approach coupled with a theoretical and social justice framework to explore how queer and trans Black men view and engage in positional leadership within the context of a predominantly White private institution of higher learning.

The presenter argues that queer and trans Black men, and subsequently queer and trans students of color in leadership, require the creation of equitable institutional structures and an investment in culturally competent leadership training. Based upon this research and the suggestions made by the participants of this study, recommendations are made for way to enhance support systems for queer and trans student leaders of color.


The Disposability of Student Activists in Higher Education

Activism on campus has come at a cost for many student activists as they navigate oppressive structures and rising student debt in the fight for a more equitable institution. This presentation is a call for Student Affairs practitioners to reevaluate how they situate and interact with student activists in the quest for a more socially-just institution.

During this session, the presenter will give an introduction on disposability politics, (re)center student activists as change agents for diversity and social justice, and re-conceptualize the definition and purpose of diversity in order to build more equitable institutions.